Crown Resorts to Require Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination from All Employees and Casino Patrons

Crown Resorts has revealed that it decided to place a requirement for Covid-19 vaccination not only for its employees but potentially for its millions of customers.

Earlier this week, the Australian gambling giant announced that it had to keep a more proactive position in terms of coronavirus vaccination as a response to an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country. Steve McCann, CEO of Crown Resorts, confirmed that the patrons of its casino facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are now requested to provide proof of vaccination prior to admission.

Furthermore, Mr McCann shared that he is currently in talks with the government departments and the gambling giant’s workforce to create a plan for a vaccine rollout at the three aforementioned gambling venues. Crown Resorts’ CEO explained that both casino employees and patrons will have to present vaccination passports before entering the venues. As explained by McCann, the step has been made by the Australian gambling giant to make sure its gambling facilities across the country offered a safe environment for everyone who enters the company’s premises.

In a statement that was released by Crown Resorts, the gambling operator wrote that it would hold urgent consultations with its employees and stakeholders regarding mandatory Covid-19 vaccination that could apply to its staff members and members of the public who are willing to visit its Australian casino resorts.

Crown Resorts to Offer Additional Benefits for Employees Who Get the Jab

The new chief executive officer of the Australian gambling giant has kept a strong stance when it comes to staff and guests’ safety, so Crown Resorts is currently enforcing the strictest admission policy in the country. As revealed by Mr McCann, the decision has been partly triggered by the fact that more than 10,000 of the company’s employees are already fully vaccinated.

According to the gambling giant, its employees are overwhelmingly supporting both Covid-19 vaccination and the stricter admission policy of the operator. For Crown Resorts, the process started with its employees but the Australian casino company is extending the measures to its guests and the broader community in a move that is expected to keep people safe.

As explained by McCann, the ongoing investigation into Crown Resorts’ operations has intensified the coronavirus pandemic effects for the company’s employees, who have been worried about job uncertainty. He, however, said he remains confident that the mass vaccination is going to help the properties to get back to normal operation, although Australian authorities continue to investigate the past dealings of the gambling giant.

The CEO of the Australian casino operator encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, saying this would help the quicker recovery of the country from the coronavirus pandemic. He further noted that Crown Resorts is offering additional benefits to the employees who get vaccinated, such as three hours of paid leave for each jab they receive, an extra day of paid sick leave for each vaccination, as well as an AU$50 gift voucher.

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