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How to play slot game. When you walk into a casino, see lines of slot machines, and got invitations from them to pull the lever or punch the buttons, what do you do? Ignore the invitation and walk away or sit down and play?

How often do you play slots? Do you consider them too technical for you? Well, here, you will find out why you should not ignore those machines any time you go into a casino.

Many people ignore this fun-filled machine because they think it is not worth their time, money, and efforts.

Some players avoid them like plagues because they have tried all they could but have never won a jackpot.

Because of these, they assume playing slots is a difficult game since no gambling tactics, skills, and strategies they know could do the magic.

There are players that have also tried voodoo but the machine refused to budge. So, they just gave up on it and opt for table games they are surer of.

Well, in this article, you will find out all you need to know about slot games, how it works, the myths surrounding it, mistakes slots players make, and tips to win a jackpot from that stubborn slot machine.

So, are you ready for the ride? Let’s go!

Why You Should Play Slots

Before you go further, you need to find out the reasons you should play slot games as often as possible.

Some of these reasons you must have discovered but, in case you are a newbie, you need to find out the following:

a. Slots are very cheap to play. No matter how low your budget is, you will find a game that can give you the fun you wanted.

You don’t have to bet a lot of money to play this game. You can bet as low as a penny, a quarter, 2 cents, or a dollar. It’s up to you to decide.

You may also hit a jackpot or win some bonuses that will help you to stay longer on the machine and play to your fill.

b. Slots are easy to play. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert to play slots. Just push that button or pull the lever (if there are still any machine that functions mechanically) and wish yourself luck. 

c. It is the best game for a newbie. If you are just starting your casino journey, maybe you should start off with slots.

You won’t want to feel uncomfortable going over to the tables, where no one is willing to explain the games to you.

So, start off with slots and take your time to learn the rules of table games and any other one that caught your interest.

d. You can cash out lots of winnings. The jackpot and progressives are there for you to try your luck on.

The good thing about this is that you don’t need any special skills or strategies to hit the jackpot. It is by sheer luck. 

e. Slot game is fun. The excitement that comes with watching the symbols run across the reels until they stop is irreplaceable.

f. You can have your privacy. If you prefer playing games without people putting pressure on you by their presence, screams, cheers, and so on, or watching your every move to see what you will land, then slot game is your best friend.

This game offers you that quietness and privacy you need to play. No one will know when you win or lose.

g. You will have guidance. Slot machines guide players through the game, especially now that you can play video and online slots. The information you will need to play is always available.

Things to Bear in Mind 

You are about to find out what slot gaming is, how to play it, and how to land your winnings.

But before that, there are certain things you need to remember each time you sit down to play before a machine or take up your phone to have fun with a slot game.

1. Slot is, actually, a game of luck. You don’t win slot games because you have some special slot playing skills or strategies. You will understand this soon.

2. Slot is there more for entertaining you than for making you win money. The winning should only add to the fun.

So, remember to have fun with this game.

Don’t put yourself under pressure because you are trying to win.

3. A slot machine is a computer, an electronic machine, which has been programmed to work in certain ways.

This is just to let you know that if you don’t win, the machine doesn’t hate you and, maybe, the casino did not program it not to pay you.

4. The casino mounted that machine and developed the software to make money. They did not keep that machine to dish out free money to players.

So, playing the game is almost like paying the casino to allow you to have some fun. The only thing is they may return some of your money to you through your winnings.

5. Slot game is a negative expectation game because it is a game you are expected to lose.

This is why the casino managers become suspicious when you continue to win all odds.

6. Don’t be tempted to stop the reels while they are spinning because it makes no difference.

The reason for this is explained in the “How It Works” sub-section of this article.

7. Don’t hit the machine with the intention of manipulating it to land the combinations you wanted. As you will see later, you have no control over when and how the symbols land and combine.

8. Don’t believe there is special slot playing skills you will need to play the game. There are also no hidden secrets about the game you should learn before you hit a jackpot.

However, here, I will do my best to reveal how you can stand a better chance to win more than you lose.

Just keep your minds open and you will get all you need to know soon.

9. Casinos have different types of slot machines. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start off with classic slots machines that have three reels and you can easily follow its rules. They will be easier for you to play now.

10. Try to be happy for other players that win their games. Yours will come too.

11. Always check your bankrolls so you don’t run out of credit unexpectedly.

12. Please, set a budget before you start playing. And stick to that budget.

13. Don’t be a sore loser. Remember the game is for fun.

14. Study the rules of the slot machine or game you want to play. Remember they usually have different rules.

15. You can learn the basic slot playing rules by playing free online slot games.

What is Slots?

Now, we are getting closer to the major reason for this article, which is how to play slots. But, you need to understand what slot games stand for before proceeding to how to play them.

By the time you are done with this section, you would have found out the components of a slot machine and how the machine works.

What is a slot game?

A slot is a casino game of luck, which is determined by the matching of symbols on the slot machine reels after they (the symbols) have been spun.

Slots are played on slot gambling machines, which are characterised by reels and symbols.

These symbols land randomly on the payline (or paylines as the case may be) after spinning to determine whether the player won or lost.

Note that slot machines are programmed to generate numbers randomly so you are not in a position to determine which of the symbols will land on the payline at any point in time.

Components of a Slot Machine

If you are playing an online slot game, all you need to look out for are the game’s paytable, “Max Bet” button, and “Spin” button.

Those are the major components of a slot machine in an online slot gaming software. But, if you are going to use a physical slot machine, say the video slot machine commonly found in casinos today, you will need to familiarise yourself with the following:

a. Reels: This is the most important component of a slot machine because it is where the symbols spin.

A reel is vertically positioned and contains a grid display of symbols. Basically, slot machines have three reels but they have been increased to more reels by many slot machines today. 

b. Payline: This is a straight or zig-zag line, where the winning symbols align before you can win. If the symbols did not land on the payline, even if the combination is among the winning ones, you will not win the game.

This is why some players go for the maximum number of paylines the machine has to offer because it gives them higher chances to win.

Note that the maximum number of paylines allowed in a machine depends on how the machine is programmed.

Some machines offer only one payline while others offer as many as possible, even up to thirty paylines.

There are machines that have a fixed number of paylines while some will allow you to adjust them to the number you desire.

Keep this component in mind because you will need it when you plan to win more games than you lose.

c. Symbols: These are the icons that are spun on the reels to win or lose the game. Every symbol has its own value.

There are also rules on how to combine symbols to win. Remember to check for the values of each symbol and their winning combinations on the paytable.

d. The Paytable: This is where you will find the information on the combinations of symbols that will make you win as well as how much each of the combinations pays.

The paytable also tells you about the special symbols the machine has and the values attached to them.

You will find all you need to know about jackpots and progressives from the paytable too.

e. The Coin Tray: As the name suggests, a coin tray is a component for the collection of coins. But this time, the tray receives your winnings when you push the “Cash Out” button.

This is where the coins pour into. Note that it is not all slot machines that have this component because some of them will only issue you a ticket you will present in the account section to collect your winnings.

f. The Slots Lever: This is the component that makes the reels spin. Presently, the lever is not used mechanically to spin the reels.

It is there now to act as the trigger that makes the software set the reels in motion.

g. The Play Buttons: Slot machines have several buttons you may need to know about.

i. “Bet Max” Button: This button may also be referred to as “Play Max”. By pushing this button, you will be able to bet the maximum odds (maximum paylines) allowed for the game.

It also sets the reels in motion after placing odds.

ii. “Spin Reels” Button: This is the button that sets the reels in motion when pushed. It is used when you are not using the “Bet Max” button.

iii. Play Two Credits, Play Three Credits: When you see any of these buttons, it means the number of indicated credits is the maximum the game can offer.

For instance, “Play Two Credits” button indicates that you cannot play more than two credits at a go.

These buttons are almost the same thing as the “Bet Max” or “Play Max” button in some machines.

iv. “Play One Credit” Button: This button, if available, allows you to bet one credit for each spin.

You can press it twice, thrice, and so on to increase the number of credits you want to bet for the next spin.

However, if you push this button, you will still have to push the “Spin Reels” button to play the game.

v. “Cash Out” Button: This is the button pushed to give the machine the instruction to issue you a ticket with which to claim your winnings or to release your coins into the Coin Tray.

Remember to push this button only when you are done with a game or when you wanted to stop playing altogether.

Symbols in a Slot Machine

Each slot game or slot machine has its own symbols, which could be fruits, card symbols, or any character the developers chose to use.

These symbols all have their values, which the machine calculates.

However, the commonest types of symbols you will find in every slot game are described below.

a. Standard Symbols: These symbols are the ones that will be combined or matched in a certain way before you can win prizes. There is nothing specifically special about them.

b. Wild Symbol: This is the symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol on the reels. If it turns up in a combination, you can use it in place of the desired symbol to achieve the desired combination.

c. Scatter Symbol: This is the best friend of slot players even though it doesn’t show up often. Before you land this symbol, you have to fulfil some terms and conditions attached to it.

It is not all players that are eligible to receive a Scatter Symbol because it is a bonus symbol. It usually gives free spins, which you will need to win more games.

d. Multiplier Symbol: Just as the name implies, a Multiplier will multiply your winnings if it ever shows up and lands on any of the activated paylines.

Note that it is not all slot machines that have this symbol. So, choose your machine wisely.

e. Sticky Symbols: This symbol stops the reel it showed up on from spinning until the other reels have spun several times.

When you find this symbol, you stand a better chance of winning the game because all you needed to look out for is the desired symbols matching up on the other reels.

f. Bonus Symbol: Just like the Scatter Symbol, Bonus Symbol also offers bonuses.

g. Blanks: If you meet a blank symbol, kindly ignore it because it has no value. However, check the machine’s rule to be sure there is no value attached to it. Remember, every machine has its own rules.

NB: Remember to check the values of each symbol and the values of their combinations. This information can be obtained on the slot machine’s paytable.

How To Play Slot Inforgraph

How It Works

Before we move from this section, you need to find out how the slot machine works.

As a result, you need to remember the following information as you play your games:

Slot machines today are programmed to supply results randomly. This is because it contains a chip known as a random number generator (commonly known as RNG).

This chip has software that determines when and how symbols are combined. The random number generator is designed in such a way that it does not pay constantly.

It pays out winnings based on the percentage it was programmed to pay. Some are programmed to pay out up to 90% while others go as low as 80% or even lower.

These percentages are spread out randomly so that the random number generator spreads winnings randomly to align with the number of winnings it is meant to give.

So, if you are lucky to hit the spin button when the random number generator generates the jackpot combination, you will be lucky to cash out handsomely.

What this means is that the slot machine you are looking at does not decide when you will hit a jackpot. It is the software embedded inside it that does the whole job.

2. The random number generator makes thousands of mathematical calculations within a second. This means that whether the reels of a slot machine are spinning or not, the machine generates and combines symbols.

Hence, when you push the “Spin Reels” button, the symbols that hit the paylines are those that correspond with the calculations made by the random number generator at the millisecond the button was pushed.

So, what determines whether you will win or lose is not the spinning but what was happening at the random number generator the moment you pushed the button.

The spinning is only there to add to the excitement.

How to Play Slot

Finally, we are here. As you must have noticed, playing slots is quite easy: just push the button and wait for luck to do the rest.

Nevertheless, here, you will find out the steps you have to follow to play your favourite game on slot machines or gaming software.

Step I: Buy your Credits

First of all, you have to buy credits. If you are playing online slots, be sure you have enough credits on your wallet that will allow you to place odds.

If what you have there is not enough, go ahead and make deposits. Remember to follow the bookie’s approved depositing methods.

But, if you are about to play a video slot machine or any of those old slot machines, ask the attendants how you can buy credits.

Usually, you have to visit the casino’s banking or account section or department to make necessary payments.

If the machine can be played freely, catch your fun and save your money.

But, remember you cannot win any real money with free games.

Step II: Pay the Machine

An online slot machine will automatically upload your payments, depending on how the casino conducts its operations.

But, if it is a video slot machine, follow the instructions on the screen and pay the machine. You can also ask the attendants for assistance.

Step III: Choose a Slot Machine

If you are playing an online slot machine, you need to read all the instructions attached to the available slot games before selecting the one you will like to play.

If it is a video slot, before you make your choice, read the instructions on the paytables of the available machines and ask for further information about the machines from the attendants, if they will be ready to provide answers to your enquiries.

Here, you should find out the machines that are programmed to accept your desirable bet line, the ones that pay more jackpots, and ones that have a higher probability to pay more winnings.

The casino’s staff may not be willing to provide answers to all these questions, especially the third one, but you can find out the first two from the paytables.

As for the third one, you can use Google to find forums, where players discuss their experiences with the slot machines in the casino.

They may provide you with all you needed to know.

But, if you don’t have time to check the internet for information on the machines, try to observe other players see the machines they prefer.

Nevertheless, don’t lurk behind players and, please, don’t fight over a machine with another player.

Alternatively, you can choose a machine at random but bet low on your first day so you can see how it plays.

Step IV: Study the Game’s Paytable

Here, you will find out how much the symbols and their combinations are worth. You will also learn the combinations you should look out for.

Of course, the machine will tell you when you win and how much you won but there is nothing wrong with finding out how it all works before you start playing.

The paytable will also tell you whether the machine has jackpots and progressive jackpots. If the machine does, the paytable will give you information about them.

Step V: Choose your Coin Value

The amount you choose should be dependent on your budget. Remember, you are still going to activate your paylines.

So, when choosing your coin value, multiply it by the number of paylines you will turn on. It is advisable you go as low as possible on your coin value so your budget doesn’t drain faster.

But here is a tip you should always bear in mind: it is better to have the lowest coin value but a maximum number of paylines.

Step VI: Set your Paylines

This is when you activate your paylines. It is advisable to choose as many paylines as you can afford or as much as the machine offers.

The more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning. If the machine has fixed payline, skip this step.

If you want to choose all the paylines on the machine or on the online slot gaming software, push or press the “Bet Max” or “Play Max” button.

Step VII: Push the “Spin” Button

This is the time you have been waiting for, so let the fun begin. You can keep spinning until your budget for the game is exhausted.

But keep your eyes on your credit to know when it is going down.

Also, remember to do your best to claim as many bonuses as possible so you will have better chance of winning.

Step VIII: Cash Out

So you won some money, it is time to push that button and collect your prizes. Don’t touch this button if you are not done with the game.

Please, follow the rules of the game so you don’t lose your money because you wanted to cash out at the wrong time.

If you claimed any bonus, make sure you have met the terms and conditions of the bonus regarding the number of wagers you have to make before cashing out.

Remember, your payout depends on your bet size, the symbols you were able to land on the paylines, and the values of those symbols.

NB: You may want to play several free online slot games before playing the game for real money.

You can find online slots on Google Playstore.

Nevertheless, if you prefer playing video slot machines, start by betting a little at a time. But, remember it’s all for the sake of having fun.

Common Mistakes Players Make

Even though playing slot games is not difficult, you can still mess it up if you are not careful.

This is because there are certain mistakes players make that cause them to lose a lot of money and become frustrated.

These players will be under pressure to recover some of their money, if not all, but they may end up not winning any game.

Apart from that, they will miss the fun part of the game. Well, you should avoid those mistakes so you can have fun and still win some games.

So, as you enter that casino to play slots, avoid:

a. Betting a huge amount of money. Remember this can put you under pressure because you will want to recover your money. If you don’t, which is most likely, you will turn out a sore loser.

b. Playing more than one machine at a time. Some players do this a lot. They drop money into two, three, and more slot machines at the same time.

You will see them hopping from one machine to the other, dropping coins, pushing buttons, and moving to the next one before the machines are done spinning.

They do this because they hope to land the jackpots of those machines or to win as many games as possible.

I don’t know who this has ever worked for but it is not a wise thing to do. The reasons you should not try this include:

i. You will not be able to concentrate on what you are doing. Sure, the machine will notify you when you win but you need to relax and have fun too.

ii. You will spend more money than you budgeted. Of course, when you are pumping money into those machines, you will be tempted to overspend what you planned earlier.

iii. You will make other players unhappy. Maybe taking up more than one machine will not be so bad when the casino is empty.

But it is not a responsible thing to do when there are players waiting in the line. So, pick one machine and let others have fun too.

iv. You will look desperate doing this. Of course, when you hop from one machine to another, dropping coins and pushing buttons, you give people the impression that you are desperately in need of money.

Nobody wants to be seen that way, even if he’s actually desperate.

So, don’t let other players think you are anxious to win.

v. The casino may blacklist you. I don’t think any casino will want to have players that deny others the chance to play.

The attendants may even approach you and take machines away from you. That way, you may lose the machine that pays more.

vi. You may lose your chance with your machine. Do you still remember how the random number generator works?

In case you have forgotten, it generates thousands of numbers every second. This means you may miss the jackpot in your machine because you did not punch the button at the right time.

So, stay with one machine, set up your payline to maximum, bet low coin value, and try your luck over and over again.

You will have better chances than moving from one machine to another.

c. Changing your machine to the one that just paid a jackpot. Naturally, you will want to do this but remember that the machine is programmed not to hit jackpot often. So, don’t move yet.

d. Sitting idly before a machine. Avoid occupying a machine when you are not playing it.

If you want to observe how the game is played, find somewhere else to sit and observe, so long as you don’t prevent others from playing.

But, don’t lurk around the area for too long or you may be confronted.

e. Rushing your spin. Sure, it takes seconds to hit the jackpot but you don’t know which of the seconds is the right one.

So, don’t be in a hurry to start a spin immediately another one stops. And, don’t stop the reels. Allow the spin to stop by itself.

f. Activating a few paylines. You should have known by now that you stand more chances of being rewarded when you activate many paylines.

It is better you have lower coin value and more paylines than the way around. So, activate as many paylines as you can afford.

If possible, activate all that the machine has to offer.

g. Playing without bonuses. Casinos always find ways, especially with bonuses, to reward players and encourage them to play more games and have better chances to win.

If you have bonuses, you will have more bankrolls with which to play more games and get luckier.

So, try to always play with bonuses. Look for the bonuses the slot machine has to offer and make sure to read the terms and conditions attached to them.

If these rules will restrict you in such a way that you cannot play freely and cash out when you want to, or you believe you may not be able to meet the terms, please, consider playing without any of the bonuses. 

h. Ignoring the terms and conditions guiding the game. There are many reasons you need to read the terms and conditions guiding a slot game before you start playing the game. These reasons include:

i. You may miss important information that will help you to win more games.

ii. You may miss the terms and conditions attached to using bonuses, how to claim them, and/or what to fulfil before cashing out winnings made with them.

You need to know all about the bonuses before you claim them.

iii. You may miss terms attached to a jackpot, what you have to do to become eligible for a jackpot, or how you can activate your jackpot.

i. Not joining a slot club. There are many reasons you should join a slot club belonging to the casino you play with.

Ask the casino’s lobby how you can go about this and sign up as soon as possible.

When you join this club, you stand to enjoy cash backs, comps, tournament seats, free bets, show tickets, and many more.

Remember to visit the casino with your membership card so you can log in before playing.

Nevertheless, you should understand that these benefits will not pay you back the money you lost on the slot machines. 

Tips for Enjoying Slot Games

You have received almost all you need to know about playing slot games. But let’s quickly look at some of the crucial tips that will help you to enjoy the games and win some money.

a. Set your budget and stick to it. Remember, there is no guarantee you will get your money back.

b. Join the slot players’ club in the casino you play often. If you are using an online casino, you may not need to look for this group because you have registered with the bookie before using its software.

But, contact the bookie’s customer service about this to be double sure.

c. Don’t bet a large sum of money. If you lose, you will be a sore loser. If you gain, that’s good.

But, it’s better to stay on the safer side. And remember, the slot game is designed to make players lose.

d. Activate all paylines if you can afford it. Remember, the more paylines you have active, the higher your chances of winning.

e. Slow down as you play. Speed kills, remember?

f. Go for slot machines that pay comps, if they are available in the casino.

g. Play with bonuses if the restrictions are not overbearing.

h. Go for the slot machines that have huge jackpots and progressives.

i. Go for the slot machines that are programmed to pay more often.

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You can see it is easy to play slots. You don’t need any special gambling skills to play this game.

However, all the tips given and explained in this article, if utilised, will give you the edge you need to win more games than you lose. As for hitting jackpot, it all depends on luck.

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